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BaliApps is a software house that offers consulting and app development services, serving as a digital incubator for businesses and a strategic partner for entrepreneurs and companies.
We are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions, from concept stage to launch, and work with top experts in the fields of design, branding, and marketing to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our clients digital products and optimize their digital presence.

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Every new venture starts with an idea. We are here to give you a free consultation to understand what you need to know to turn your idea from a dream to reality


Product visibility, and user experience

UX/UI​​ - User Experience & User Interface

We create a design concept from a long acquaintance with users, what they want to see, and how can we make it easily available to them

Product viability

Analysing the product viability and realization using POC

POC - Proof of concept

Is my idea feasible? Is there an economic and technological justification for its existence? Here we will examine what the market demand is, the technological or economic realization possibilities


Product development using the MVP method

MVP - Most Viable Product

A strategy that allows to save time and money. It is recommended to first create a minimum viable product in order to test it on real users and then proceed according to users reaction


Creating a characterization document (PRD)

PRD - Product requirements document

Production of a requirements document describing the product: business goals, features, user experience (UX), main screens (UI), interactions, integrations etc.


Releasing the product

Proudut marketing

Promoting and advertising the product online via:

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How to easly build your website/app?

Let us tell you hou to build your product with minimum effort, and maximum profit, for free

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Before starting

Articles and Videos

What you need to know before building an App?

Thinking of developing an App? Whether you are a company that wants to make her information accessible to potential customers or expand its services, or whether you are an individual with a great idea for an application you would like to implement.
Here we will review some of the questions we need to ask before starting an App development

Which application suits my needs?

There are several options for developing a great application – different needs require different applications.
Here we will go over some of them, review the differences between all types of technologies available to us, and understand which application is suitable for our product specific needs

How complex is my app?

My product cost and development time are a derivative of the app complexity. But how do I know what I need, and what is the scope of my product?
Here we will understand what an application is made of, what are the advantages of each features, and which features we would like our application to support.

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“I worked with Meital for a long time, on multiple project. Eventually came back as a client developing my startup at BaliApps. Very pleasant and professional. Highly recomended”

Tomer Kaspi, Designer

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Portfolio website tips

How to build a portfolio website for your business? Here we will go over all the important points, what to do and what not to do, and learn everything you need to know about promotion, accessibility, and design